The Voice of Madera




      After being off the air for 5 years, due to things beyond our control, we are back and rebuilding. We bought a place with 2.8 acres in Coarsegold Ca. We closed on Friday November 13th 2020.

      Welcome to the home of Frank, W6BBS & Jenifer, N6BBS. Jen gets the credit for the great photos. My friends started calling me the Voice Of Madera due to my expanding antenna farm and the fact that I spend a lot of time on the air, 160 thru 6 meters. As of  06/17/2021 I have worked and confirmed 341 DXCC Entities, (4 deleted). Only 2 left for #1 Honor Roll, Mount Athos and Syria. I have been licensed since December of 1999 thanks to the efforts of Bob, KA6HGT and the encouragement of Mark, N3JNC. I met these fine fellows via The Talamasca, a Synchronet BBS that I operated for about 10 years. Bob & Mark also operated Synchronet BBS systems.



      My HF Station is the Icom IC-7600, Acom A2100 Amp, 160 - 6 meters QRO..

      Coming soon my 6M Station terrestrial and EME is the Icom IC-7600, Acom A2100 Amp, QRO

      Coming soon my 2M Station terrestrial and EME is the Yeasu FT-847, M2 2M-1K2 solid state amp.



      Current antennas, more coming...

      20M4DX from M2, 4 element 20 meter mono band at 73',

      A3WS 12M & 17M at 45',

      5 element TET tri-band at 40',

      75M inverted V apex 72"

      1/4 wave 40M verticle, base at 17' with 16 elevated radials,

      1/4 wave 30M verticle, base at 9" with 16 elevated radials

      Antron A99 at 50'




My Lovely Wife Jen, N6BBS. She is a great Ham wife, loves my towers and She takes all the photos




My Mess

Some of the work I need to get done.





The 20M4DX at 73'




As of November 2009 I put my entire W6BBS & DU1/W6BBS logs up on the A.R.R.L. Logbook Of The World (LOTW). This is my prefered method of QSL exchange.



The following pages May have a large number of photos and take a while to load, please be patient and enjoy the show..


Click for tower and antenna photos!


Click here for lots general photos!


Click here for Other Hobby Photos


Click here for 6 Meter EME


Click here 2 Meter EME


My QTH in 2003


My QTH in 2001


My Wife's Pages


Franks Tractor Service


Big Mouth, Big Signal


       Credit goes to Mark N3JNC for the "Voice Of Madera" logo at the top of this page and for the "Low Flying Aircraft. The low fly aircraft was made from a photo of my old QTH."  


My email can be found on QRZ.



For automated moon tracking of both arrays I am using M2 anntennas RC2800PXSU control boxes and they are controlled by some great software developed by YO3DMU called PstRotator. It is very inexpensive, fully supported and Codrut is very good at taking suggestions and improving the software. It controls  all the popular Azimuth and Elevation controllers, and it is great for both Moon and Satellite tracking. It also has many presets and a multiple ways to direct your antennas for Terrestrial HF work. I highly recommend you take a look.



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